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Biography of Mario Teguh

Chapter 1.

Biography of Mario Teguh

His real name is Mario Sis Maryono Teguh, but 
when appearing in public, he used the name Mario Teguh. He earned a Bachelor of Education from the Institute of Teacher Training and Education(Teachers' Training College) Malang. Mario had worked at Citibank, then set up Bussiness Effectiveness Consultant, ExnalCorp. served as CEO (Chief Executive Officer) and SeniorConsultant. He also formed komunnitas Mario Super Club (MTSC).Mr. Mario was born in Makassar, March 5, 1956.

2003 and in 2010 again won an award from the Indonesian RecordMuseum, MURI, as Motivator in 
the world's biggest Facebook fans.

Mario Department of Architecture, New Trier West High (high school) inChicago, United States, 1975.
Department of Linguistics and English Language Education,Teacher Training and Education Institute of Malaysia (S-1).
Department of International Business, Sophia University, Tokyo,Japan.
Systems Operations Department, Indiana University, USA, 1983 (MBA).

Becoming a Star (2006)
One Million Second Chances (2006)
Life Changer (2009)
Leadership Golden Ways (2009)
Chapter 2.
Answer these questions !
  1. What does the text tell us about ?
  2. Who is the real name Mario Teguh ?
  3. When Mario Teguh received an award from MURI ?
  4. Where he earned his bachelor's degree ?

Chapter 3
Choose the best answer by crossing (x) a,b,c,or d
1.The tittle for the text is...... ?
a.  Biography of Mario Teguh
b.  Biography of Teguh Mario
c.    Biography of Ir.Soekarno
d.  Biography of  SBY
 2.Mario Teguh working as..... ?
a.  Celebrities
b.  Motivator
c.   Singer
d.  Dancer
 3.The statement which is true according to the text is ... ?

a.  Mario had worked at Citibank
b.  Teacher Training and Education Institute of Singapore(S-1).
c.   Becoming a Moon
d.  Mandiribank Mario had worked 
4.The following are not included books by mario .... ?
a.  Becoming a Star (2006)
b.  One Million first Chances (2006)
c.   Life Changer (2009)
d.  Leadership Golden Ways (2009) 
5.Where Mario was born .... ?
a.  Lampung
b.  Sulawesi
c.   Makassar
d.  Nusa Kambangan
Chapter  4
State whether the statements are True (T) or False (F)
  1. Mario has served as CEO                            (........    )
  2. mario art education majors                        (........    )
  3. Mario as motivator                                    (........    )
  4. mario forming a motorcycle clubcommunity (........    )

Chapter  5
Key :
Chapter  2.
  1. Biography of Mario Teguh
  2. is Mario Sis Maryono Teguh
  3. 2003 and in 2010 
  4. He earned a Bachelor of Education from the Institute of Teacher Training and Education(Teachers' Training College) Malang.

Chapter 3.
  1.  a
  2.  b
  3.  a
  4.  a
  5.  c

Chapter 4
  1.  T
  2.  F
  3.  T
  4.  F


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