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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

My Hobbies and My Daily Activities
Hello, My name is Niken Yuanita. Same people call me “Niken”. Now,  I am 21 years old . I am a college of Management in Gunadarma University. I live in puri cendana blok D 17 no 3 RT 02 RW 011 at Krakatau garden, South Tambun Bekasi. with my parents and my sisters. I would like to tell you about my hobbies and my daily activities.
My hobbies are cooking,writing,listening the music,reading,singing,travelling,watching. The first cooking. I like cooking very much because I really like to eat,so I think, cooking is better than to buy the restaurant . Usually, My mother and I go to traditional market,after inish buy all the needed, we are going cook together. My father and sister always happy when I’m cooking on Saturdays,our family to do our hobbies.  The second is writing,this writing are two means novel and lyrics. The third listening to the music, Especially or music dangdut like ayu tingting,Julia perez because They are very famous and humble for their fans. The fourth is reading. I like reading very much,especially reading science book,novel, magazine, tabloid and skripsi reference etc. I love read novel so much. I read novel every morning and before I go to campus my sisters also reading novel together .Now, my friend and I are going to bookstore. I see a man buy so many novel in his hands. Of course I’m  starting find some novel, I choose buy some novel’s including “winter in Tokyo”,”Summer in Seoul”,”Love in Paris”. There are some my favorite author are Asma Nadia,Christian Simamora,  Meri Riana and Goddess dee.   Reading novel is not also make me happy,but also added my knowledge about everything. The fifth is singing. i really like singing because it can make me happy and disappear stress. The six this travelling. I like travelling to beach,mountain,lake,it’s because they have an amazing scenery. The seventh is watching . my favorite handsome and beautiul. My favorite actor is lee min hoo.
Every morning I wake up at 5 am. I go to bathroom for washing my face, brushing my teeth,I clean my body with the soap. Then I take wudhu. After I finish my bathe, I wear clothes and pray shubuh. Afterward I tidied up my bathroom such as opening the window, turning off the lamp, sweeping the floor .
I did jogging around my house then I pushed up and sit up to build my muscle. After doing sport, After that I, I took a rest for a while.  and sweep the floor and the yard. And I have breakfast with my family. After having breakfast, my mother gave me a glass of milk so I drank the milk. Afterwards, I helped my mother to clean the dishes. Before I went to school, I asked permission to my mother and my father and shook their hands. Then I turned on my motorcycle and went to school. After all neat, I drove my mother and my sister to school by motorcycle. Then I back to home. I wash the dishes. After I finished cleaning the house, I watch TV to relax while waiting for 8 hours. I put the make-up on then I go to campus. Because I am student in semester now, I’m free from my college schedule except  Monday,Wednesday,Friday and Saturday . My school begins at half past seven am to eleven p.m. every Saturday.
I usually arrive in my campus at 09.00 am. I go straight to library. In library, I open the computer to see some Skripsi on the computer, I feel happy in library because in there I can study and discuss with my friends about our Paper or Skripsi. I usually go home from campus at 04.00 pm after the library closed. After I arrive in home, I clean my foot, then I watch Korean drama on TV. After I hear adzan maghrib, I go straight maghrib praying then I holly quran before study. Then I pray isya. After isya praying, I take dinner, watching TV or relax with my family until 08.00 pm. Then I do my home work and study. After that I go to sleep and so on.
All in all, my hobby and my daily activity is very happily and I always feel good about my live.

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