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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

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Passive Voice
                        A sentence can be either in the active or passive voice. In an “active” sentence, the subject perform the action . In a “passive” sentence, the subject receives the action . To make an active sentence into a passive sentence, follow the steps :
1.  Place the complement of the active sentence at the beginning of the passive sentence.
2.  If there are any auxiliaries in the active sentence, place them immediately after the new subject agreeing in number with the subject
3.  Insert the verb be after the auxiliary or  auxiliaries in the same form as the main berb in the active sentence.
4.  Place the main verb rom the active sentence after the auxiliaries and be in the past participle.
5.  Place the subject of the active sentence after the verb in the passive sentence preceded by the preposition by .( This  can be elimited completely if it is not import)nt or is understood )
Study the following possible word orders for passive voice
Simple Present Or Simple Past
(Am,is,are,was,were ) + (verb in past participle)
Example :
Active    : The writer writes 3 letters for President.
Passive  : 3 letters are written by the writer for President.
Active    : She waters this plant every two days.
Passive  : This plant is watered by her every two days.
Active    : He met them yesterday
Passive  : They were met by him yesterday
Active    : She watered this plant this morning
Passive  : This plant was watered by her this morning
Present Progressive Or Past Progressive
(Am,is,are,was,were ) + being  (verb in past participle)
Example :
Active    : He is meeting them now.
Passive  : They are being met by him now.
Active    : She is watering this plant now.
Passive  : This plant is being watered by her now.
Active    : He was meeting them.
Passive  : They were being met by him.
Active    : She was watering this plant.
Passive  : This plant was being watered by her.
Present Perfect Or Past Perfect
(Has,have,had) + (verb in past participle)
Example :
Active    : He has met them
Passive  : They have been met by him
Active    : Aldo has gone to Makkah.
Passive  : Makkah has been gone by Aldo.
Active    : He had met them before I came.
Passive  : They had been met by him before I came.
Active    : She had watered this plant for 5 minutes when I got here
Passive  : This plant had been watered by her for 5 minutes when I got here
Modal + be + (verb in past participle)
Example :
Active    : He will meet them tomorrow.
Passive  : They will be met by him tomorrow.
Active    : She will water this plant this afternoon.
Passive  : This plant will be watered by her this afternoon.
Active    : The farmers are going to harvest the crops next week
Passive  : The crops are going to be harvested by the farmers next week.
Modals + Perfect
Modal + have + been +  (verb in past participle)
Example :
Active    : He will have met them before I get there tomorrow.
Passive  : They will have been met by him before I get there tomorrow.
Active   : She will have watered this plant before I get here this afternoon.
Passive  : This plant will have been watered by her before I get here this afternoon.
Example : Active Setence
1.    John is calling the other members
2.       Martha was delivering the documents to the departments
3.       The other members have repealed the amandement
4.       The delegates had received the information before the recess.
5.       The teacher should buy the supplies for this class.
6.       Somebody will call Mr.Watson tonight.
7.       The fire has caused considerable damage
8.       The company was developing a new procedure before the bankruptacy hearings began
9.       John will have received the papers by tomorrow.
10.     The executive committee approved the new policy.
Example : Passive Sentence
1.       A great deal of property is destroyed by hurricanes each.
2.       Thirty houses were destroyed by the tornado.
3.       Several new proposal are being considered by the committee.
4.         The bill may be paid by credit card
5.         You will be always loved by me
6.         Chris John is knocked down by Tyson easily
7.         We are taught by Miss. Janet everyday
8.         The book isn't written by her
9.         The fried chicken is being cooked by my mother
10.       Ayus’s cloth is being washed by Ayu.
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Michael A. Pyle, M.A. and Mary Ellen Munoz Page,M.A. CLIFFS  TOEFL Preparation Guide

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