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Nama   : Niken  Yuanita
Kelas   : 4EA18
Tugas   : Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2
First Experience Learning English

            My experience started in elementary school subjects were taught English. At that time, as I recall the English language subjects are taught in class 6. While in previous classes I had not received these subjects. Somehow, I also do not really know anything about it. But that the existing curriculum during the first itu.Materi taught by homeroom teacher about the meaning of a noun that exist around us. Continues to interpret the names of the months, the names, the name of a fruit and much more.
I used to think English is easy and fun, because I thought English was not much different from the Indonesian. Develop or stringing words in the English language is like we are stringing words in Indonesian. Staying Indonesian language word we translate into English and then I assemble like indonesia.Tapi language wording in the first, after rising to a junior high school I was a different mindset about the English language.
Mindset Being Changed.

            After graduating from elementary school I went to tinggkat junior / SMP. The junior I also get the subjects of English, but English at secondary school level material increase even more, it is only natural in the world of education. English class in junior high school, I was taught by English teachers on formulas to construct a sentence. At that time I did not know if the formulas are taught it is grammar. After a long period of class 1 SMP (now grade 7 smp) until the third grade I get so much material, ranging from simple formulas to a level that is more complicated. Instead of increasing my english, I became even more confused with formulas that are taught.
            Of conditions that do not quite understand the formula English taught in junior high, I still go to school to senior secondary level / high school, so although my English language test score is not that great. In high school English class is not much different, father / mother-his teacher he teaches formulas as well, similar to what I learned in junior high. The difference formulas were more developed with the sentence pattern which seems to me more rumuit again, I am more confused again. But I do not give up so easily, at home I try to review and study itself sedik-by-bit. Although ultimately I still feel confused, but the important thing I've been trying. Sometimes I also ask my friends who could AGAP English, but the answer is still not satisfactory / still floating.
Finally to my third grade sma graduation exams and grades of subjects of English became a benchmark value of graduation. I'm actually at the time it was worried not pass, because my english is still doubtful. But fortunately the value of the benchmark exam is not too high so I was grateful sma still pass the exam, although the value of the English language subjects most unsightly compared with the values ​​of other subjects.
Graduated from high school I went on to higher education, albeit with minimal funds and the economic conditions of a chaotic family. But I remain grateful my parents are still willing menyekolahkanku. In higher education material taught English as was predictable, ketemunya formulas again, again and again, in fact, can dikata repeat the subject matter of smp until sma, yes indeed there is additional material. But despite repeat, the edges remain I still do not quite understand, still floating about really. From here I thought "What yes I have to memorize formulas that Dula if you want to master English? But the yes anyway, if you want to speak only have to memorize the formulas used to be" and worse still "want to use a formula which yes, create ngunkapin / say this, what formula using this or that or the other again, after a long time head headache happens ". At that time, I conclude that the English language is really hard to be learned and I was not too excited to learn the English language.
Finally I Open Mind

            Amid considerable sense of disappointment, I try to look for a course on the internet, I thought "yeah who knows kursusan find a place nice". Of the many sites / web kursusan I visited there a website / web mernarik me to linger on the site. The site of his father's firm, which made me interested in the site he found the grammar is not the purpose of studying the language, it was as if bilau grammar rule out the teaching system, but it does not mean that grammar is not taught. Still taught grammar, but not the ultimate goal to learn English as fast to tell you earlier.
From here I started to change my mind 'oh yes it turns out that way, the way of learning .. "and most do not interest me so intrigued again to learn English, so even if starting from zero again but not what, important knowledge that hopefully can be useful.

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